Dekken USA introduces FoldXcite as a further improved model to its predecessor, the T-Mini. 

What is new?

The Pause Function:

FoldXcite now can pause the folding process, after the garment has been folded and before it is released into the machine. (This upgrade is available for the T-Mini, as well). This function is handy for customization before the bagging occurs. Adding stickers, is a popular choice. 


FoldXcite can be offered without bagging function and without conveyor, to reduce cost. This allows for a lower entry level. at a later time, the customer can acquire the bagging system of choice and a conveyor of choice.  


Bag & Seal Function:

FoldXcite can now bag and seal. Some customers have expressed the interest to have the bag sealed automatically, after the folding process. FoldXcite is now offering an upgrade; a module which also allows to seal the bag automatically.  

Below video shows the FoldXcite with its new seal function in action. This new machine will come out in 2020. With this new addition, the FoldXcite positions itself as the most cost effective fold-bag-seal solution in the industry; one person does it all!

Owners of the predecessor can contact us what it takes to upgrade their machine. 

General Information:

The FoldXcite represents a unique choice for shops folding 100-620 items/ hour. Folding & bagging is done by one person. With a footprint of only some 12 sf (without the conveyor), it produces a magnificent amount of folds & bags/ hr. FoldXcite is designed for startups, expandable into factory-style operations. 

Output: approx. 600 fold & bag/ hr.


If you need to process more volume/ hr, go straight to our next high-speed folder, the FoldXtreme: Click here for Information About the FoldXtreme


What FoldXcite folds:

Within certain limitations, FoldXcite is designed to fold

  • Aprons
  • Button UP Shirts
  • Dry fit / Polyester
  • Hoodies
  • Long sleeves
  • Polo Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Sweaters
  • Tank Tops
  • Towels
  • T-Shirts

Send us your items, we will test them for you!


The FoldXcite Folding Flexibility:

FoldXcite can be programmed, thus allowing swift program changes to the fold sequences. Individual folding blades can be sped up, slowed down or even deactivated. This allows to adjust certain garment styles with individual “folding care” (e.g. adding stickers). It also allows to either keep the item on top of the machine or releasing it through the machine to the conveyor system, after the folding process. 

Simple re-positioning of the folding blades are done swiftly, accommodating for smaller and larger items. 


The FoldXcite Bagging Flexibility:

Standard Bagging Module:

As a standard option, the FoldXcite is equipped with a gravity bagging solution allowing for multiple bag-sizes. The bags will not be sealed. Instead, an operator would peal & seal manually. Below examples of the standard bag sizes. 

Item Size (inch) Print Lip  Vent Hole Static pc/ case
DKEXC7L 10 x 12 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500
DKEXC8L 11 x 14 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500
DKEXC9L 11 x 17 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500
DKEXC6L 13 x 15 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500

Click here for more information about the “peal & seal” bags and how to order


Automatic Sealer (new):

The FoldXcite could also be connected to an automatic sealer. This sealer can be added on, at a later point of time. 


The FoldXcite Footprint:

Without the conveyor system, the FoldXcite requires only 12 sf of floor space to fold and bag. With that size it belongs to the smallest, fastest and most flexible option in its class. Of course, the footprint increases by incorporating a fully automated bagging system and a conveyor. 

At the low entry level of the FoldXcite and its small footprint, some larger shops may venture the thought to have multiple FoldXcite folders closer to the previous processing step, allowing a significant reduction in internal logistics.

With under 700 lb in weight (without conveyor), the FoldXcite can be easily maneuvered within the plant. 


The FoldXcite ROI: 

The throughput of approx. 600 folds/ hr versus its cost makes the FoldXcite become one of the primary choices, when it comes to Return On Investment calculations (ROI). 

It’s flexibility to also automatically allow label application after the bagging process makes it attractive for further customization. 

All the above indicate, while being an excellent starting point for “Small Shops”, the FoldXcite reaches far into the level of industrial folding as well. This means, it will grow with you into a larger organization! 


The FoldXcite Cardboard Insertion:

For certain requirements, a cardboard insertion is necessary. A cardboard helps the product to stay nicely in its original folded form and enhances the overall appearance.

Another reason a cardboard insertion can be handy is to help dry-fit materials for even improved appearance. (Note: the FoldXcite does not require a cardboard to fold the dry-fit, but the appearance can be improved with it).

The third reason a cardboard insertion can be of interest is, if advertising is required.

FoldXcite is capable to folding items around a cardboard. This function is carried out by simply placing the cardboard on top of the item to fold. 


The FoldXcite Robust Design:

FoldXcite is built to perform on industrial level. The sturdy housing and the premium components are made to perform in multiple shifts for many years to come. 


The FoldXcite Limitations:

As every machine, the FoldXcite does have limitations: 

  • When items are very heavy or very large. (That is why we always need to test the items!).
  • Sliding the items down into the machine to be bagged can bunch up the item a little at first glance, but it usually straightens out during the following processes.
  • The FoldXcite does not offer stacking options, at this point of time.
  • Even though folding items of approx. 600/ hour is a lot, this may sometimes not be enough. In that case, FoldXtreme could be the next level up to look into. 
  • Size labels cannot be applied. Label applications can only be processed after the folding or bagging. .

If you reach any of the above limitations, you can look at our FoldXtreme. It is an industrial scale folding solution which provides greater variances, more speed, more folding accuracies and multiple stacking with various exit solutions. 



T-Mini measurements
















Folding Dimensions: 

  • Small: approx.  7.8″
  • Medium: 9.8″
  • Large: 13.4″

Standard Bag Size: 11.8″ (L) X 10.8″ (W), 1.16″ Flap

Voltage: 120, single phase

Power consumption (KW/h): 0.6

Air Consumption (cu.ft/min and l/min): 3.6 / 100

Indicated compressor (cu.ft/ min.): 10

Power (Kw): 0.7

Current (A): 3.2

Dimensions Packaged:  L (60.63″) x W (44.90″) x H (47.64″)

Net weight (lb): 509

Gross weight (lb): 670

FoldXcite – Conveyor available in following dimensions: 59″ and 100″

Note: When working with the FoldXcite conveyor, the conveyor is hooked into the FoldXcite power supply, resulting into only one drop cable for both units. 


T-Mini Conveyor