FoldXcite – Plastic Bags

FoldX offers plastic bags, suitable for the folding with the FoldXcite. 

Please request a sample box of the desired size. 

We typically maintain an inventory. Based on your forecasts, we will reserve a certain amount for immediate deliveries.

While we currently have four main sizes, we will be adding a few more to optimize your packaging needs. 

If you need certain designs and printed with different text, we can work on that, as well. 

Item Size (inch) Print Lip  Vent Hole Static pc/ case Box DIM (imch) lb/ box
              approx. approx.
DKEXC7L 10 x 12 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500  10×12           22
DKEXC8L 11 x 14 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500  11×14           21
DKEXC9L 11 x 17 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500  11×17           29
DKEXC6L 13 x 15 suffoc. 1 3/4″ yes AntiStatic     1,500  13×15           27


Additional Specifications: 

Material: LDPE

Lip positioning: On short side

Thickness: 1.5 mil

Position of Vent holes: Left bottom & right bottom

Print: 18 point Suffocation notes in 7 languages

Print color: Black

Note: Test bags are available, free of charge

We can customize the quotations based on your requirements and location! 

Please contact us for individual price quotes and lead times. 


Pictures of the bags:

How to Order: 

Please send us an e-mail, which ITEM you are looking for, the number of cases and the ship to address; with those data, we will be able to give you a quote, delivered to your place. Once we have you in our system, it will be easy to repeat the order, next time. 

All orders will be shipped from our warehouse: 

FoldX, 2275 Bluff Road, Allendale, SC 29810