Machine Overview

Meet the folders – Brief Overview: 


Made In USA

FoldXbasic is designed for T-Shirt, longs leeve, hoodies, etc. It is an affordable, simple and robust machine, helping startup shops with their daily folding needs. 

After growing the shop and the need to further automation, FoldXbasic can be upgraded with a bagging & sealing unit and a conveyor system.   

The upgrade takes only a few hours. 

Output: approx. 500 folds/ hr.

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FoldXtreme is extremely versatile and extremely fast. It handles a long list of textiles; small napkins, t-Shirts, pants, long sleeves, to mention a few. 

The items can be sorted & stacked and pushed out to a side exit or to a linear exit. 

Online connections allow for the manufacturer of the equipment to connect directly to FoldXtreme and aid in trouble shooting. This is a very unique feature!

Output: As fast as the operator can keep up with. Small items exceed 1200 pieces/ hr. Larger items are a little slower. 

FoldXtreme also allows for more integration of accessories, such as label applicators, bagging solutions, etc.

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FoldXpand is designed for wide format folding (up to 118″ wide). 

This wide width allows to fold either one very large item or multiple (up to 4) smaller items at the same time, thus generating a very large output.

After the folding process, the items then can be stacked on up to two different stackers.  

For the need to iron the textile while folding, the FoldXpand can be expanded with ironing functions, based on gas or electric. Especially when it comes to e.g. bed sheets, this is a very handy option for improving the overall presentation. 

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