Apparel & Textile Folding Equipment

FoldX is a Dekken-USA Brand Name and it represents the Dekken Textiles Folding Machines. 

FoldX offers the most complete and effective folding solutions from very small items, such as Napkins, T-Shirts or Pants, all the way up to very wide (155″ or 400 cm) format , such as Banners, Flags or Sheets.

Our cost effective solutions are the answers to a very technology driven market. 

FoldX machines are designed to run 24/7.

The equipment is easy to operate, fast, reliable, durable, super easy to handle and extreme low in maintenance.

Online trouble shooting with the help of the manufacturer reduces potential downtime and service expenses.

All our machines can be purchased to later upgrade, allowing a lower cost entry and to get familiar with the basics, first. 

FoldX automated solutions will help small startup companies, as well as large industrial scale operations. 

Our machines can be connected to packaging equipment to further automate and to following the trend of e-commerce. 

We recommend, we support, we install & we train. 

If you fold 300 items/ day or more, we already have a feasible solution for you!


In Brief, our Folding Machine Choices:



Folds T-Shirts, long sleeves, thin hoodies, button-ups, jerseys, etc



Folds the same items as FoldXbasic, plus pants, heavier hoodies or sweaters, larger towels; and much faster!




Folds banners, bed & table linen, blankets, curtains, flags, rugs (thin), towels, items up to 153″ wide. 


Explore the opportunities!